Multiple Teams · UPDATE: Panther Pride Info.

Monday June 1st will be the first day of Panther Pride for our high school students. We will review the following procedures on Monday. Please be informed of changes made to the first three weeks to meet the state guidelines for re-opening. If you have not signed up for Panther Pride, do so here. Note: These procedures are fluid, and may be altered.

Week 1 Accommodations: 

Check In Procedure: Students will enter through the main gate of the stadium. Attendance will be taken on tablets that will be spread out near the ticket booth, and the benches. Once students have checked in they will go to a cone at the goalline. 

Workout Procedure: The workouts for week 1 will all begin from the goalline, where cones will be spaced 6’ apart. Any time there may be more than one person in a line we will move out from the goalline in 2 yard(6’) increments. We will use this procedure for all drills we remain in one group. For any form of station we will be in groups of no more than 5, which will allow for social distancing while performing the drills. 

Check Out Procedure: Coach Hinkle and Coach Pounds will be set up with the snacks and drinks for the students as they exit. Any student wanting a snack or milk will need to line up 6’ apart along the east fence. The students will not touch the snacks or milk. Once the students have their snack and milk they will exit through the northeast gate at the gravel.

Week 2 & 3 Accommodations:

Check In Procedure: Students will enter through the main weight room door on the south side. Students will check in with the tablets that will be set up at each rack, and spaced 6’ apart. Once checked in students will need to wait at a floor marker that has been spaced 6’ apart. Once we have filled all floor markers, the remaining students will be sent into another group outside or in the gym. Items Touched: Tablets, Doors 

Workout Procedure: Students will be split into two groups, three if needed. Groups will be sent to the weight room, gym, and track. These groups will be spaced out as listed above. The workouts for these weeks will all be based off of movements, and not concerned with moving heavy loads. The students in the weight room will work in groups of 2 or 3. One student will perform the main lift, the other will rest or “distance spot”, and the third student will do an auxiliary lift.  This will allow for us to practice social distancing and not require a spotter. Students will be asked to wipe down equipment after each use, and again at the completion of the workout.  

Check Out Procedure: At the completion of the workout all students will be asked to clean the area and equipment they have used. Coach Hinkle and Coach Pounds will pass out snacks and milk from the northwest door in the weight room. The line for snacks will wrap along the north wall, with students spaced 6’ apart. Once students have received their snack or milk they will exit through the west set of double doors located on the south side of the building. Any student going to basketball may go to the gym.