Varsity Track · Lady Panthers finish 3rd, Boys finish 2nd at Buff Invite

The Panthers weren’t joking around when they showed up to Belleville to compete in the Buff Invite on April Fool’s Day. The Panthers saw success for both the girl’s and boy’s teams with 42 total top 6 finishes. These 42 performances were a vital part in the 107 points the girls scored, and the 126 points scored by the boys team. The 2nd place finish marks the highest finish by the boys team since 2015. The Panthers will be at home April 8th as they compete at home in the Concordia Invitational. They will also recognize their four senior athletes before running events start.


2nd Sierra Gropp

1st Keyan Miller 

2nd Toby Wahlmeier 

5th Chayton Alquist Pennel 


2nd Sierra Gropp

4th Carlie Carlgren 

1st Toby Wahlmeier 

4th Keyan Miller 


5th Jaida Koester

6th Tessa Christenson 

2nd Cam Cleveland 

3rd Alexis Garcia


6th Terin Rundus


5th Terin Rundus

5th Alan Garcia


4th Megan Barr

100/110 HH

3rd Carlie Carlgren

4th Jara Nordell

300 LH

5th Jara Nordell

3rd Cav Carlgren


2nd Bailey,Carlie,Jaida,Sierra

2nd Treyton,Toby,Chayton,Keyan


2nd Cody, Cav, Alexis, Cam


3rd Cav, Sajen, Alexis, Cam


2nd Jara Nordell

3rd Cloe Conway

1st Cav Carlgren

3rd Tyler Hobrock


2nd Carlie Carlgren

3rd Jaida Koester 

2nd Torxsten Kindel

Pole Vault

3rd Bergun Kindel

Shot Put

3rd Ashley Bartlett

5th Hattie Blackwood

4th Tyler Hobrock


5th Teggan Workman

6th Ashley Bartlett 

3rd Tyler Hobrock


1st Terin Rundus

2nd Teggan Workman 

3rd Tyler Hobrock

5th Dakota Brockman